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By your side to design and implement advanced solutions able to analyse complex contexts and evaluate in which ways the usage of Artificial Intelligence can optimise every business process.

The Artificial Intelligence that evaluates Artificial Intelligence. The future is monitored through its very own creature!

Artificial Intelligence impact on business dynamics will be significant and revolutionary. TAME AI is your trustworthy ally when it comes to taking advantage of these superior opportunities. Discover the extraordinary evolution of the AI which is able to evaluate itself and shape brand new perspectives.


Evaluate the impact of Artificial Intelligence on your business!

Academic education and the constant dedication towards advanced research allowed us to develop a pioneering service aimed at evaluating in a critical way Artificial Intelligence impact on your business.

Our evaluation process employs advanced algorithms to analyse your company and predict the impacts coming from the adoption of AI systems.

Discover the power of our four-pillar approach: a clear comprehension of your needs, cutting-edge technical solutions, price transparency and minimised environmental impact.

Make AI your reliable partner in your path towards a sustainable innovation!

Discover how our services can be succesfully applied to every aspect of your PMI, from the financial field to healthcare, from industry to education.


A unique instrument which employs AI to evaluate its potential adoption from your business

  • Analysis of the current status of your company: we attentively analyse every critical aspect of your business, identifying its strong points, its weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Development of custom-made strategies: According to our research we develop tailored strategies so as to understand the possible fields of application of AI to your business, optimising time management and costs.
  • Implementation and monitoring: we assist you through the implementation of recommended strategies and we provide you uninterrupted support so as to guarantee a long-term succes to your company.

Explore all the services offered by TAME AI

A ready for use Intelligence, specifically set up to enrich your applications and simplify your business workloads.

Generative AI

From design to analysis. We shape advanced deeplearning models paving the way for new challenges and possibilities.

Data & Analytics

We apply all new AI technologies to analyse big data sets and support your decisional processes.

Legal and Ethical Support

We assist businesses along the delicate AI adoption process, not just from a technological point of view, but also taking care of all ethical and legal aspects.

Predictive Models

The future of prediction! We transform data in intelligent choices so as to achieve extraordinary results!

Computer Vision

Advanced systems employed for a clear and intelligent identification and categorization of sites, people and objects.

Natural Language Processing

Support models for faster and more intelligent decisional processes. Sentiment analysis, Document processing, Data extraction and Chatbots.

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